The Language of Technical Computing



MATLAB Overview 2:05
Get an overview of MATLAB®, the language of technical computing.

Analyzing and Visualizing Data with MATLAB 3:26
Explore, visualize, and model your data with MATLAB®.

Programming and Developing Algorithms with MATLAB 4:32
Write programs and develop algorithms using the high-level language and development tools in MATLAB®.

Developing and Deploying Applications with MATLAB 3:51
Develop and share MATLAB® applications as code, executables, or software components.

Getting Started

Getting Started with MATLAB 7:00
Get started with MATLAB® and learn how to get more information.

Working in The Development Environment 5:21
Access tools such as the command history workspace browser and variable editor, save and load your workspace data, and manage windows and desktop layout.

Top Ways to Get Help 3:20
Find online support to help solve your toughest problems while using MATLAB® and Simulink® products.

Importing Data

Importing Data from Text Files Interactively 7:01
Use the import tool to import numeric and text data from delimited and fixed width text files. Generate MATLAB® code to repeat the process on similar files.

Importing Data from Files Programmatically 3:55
Import data from spreadsheets, text files, and other formats into MATLAB® using file I/O functions.

Importing Spreadsheets into MATLAB 4:34
Select and load mixed textual and numeric data from spreadsheets interactively then generate the required MATLAB® code.

Plotting Data

Using Basic Plotting Functions 5:52
Create plots programmatically using basic plotting functions.

Language Fundamentals

Working with Arrays in MATLAB 8:17
Create and manipulate MATLAB® arrays, including accessing elements using indexing.

Introducing MATLAB Fundamental Classes (Data Types) 5:46
Work with numerical, textual, and logical data types.

Introducing Tables and Categorical Arrays 6:01
Manage mixed-type tabular data with the table data container, and data from a finite, discrete set of categories with the memory-efficient categorical array.

Introducing Structures and Cell Arrays 5:04
Use structures and cell arrays to manage heterogeneous data of different types and sizes.


Writing a MATLAB Program 4:57
Write a MATLAB® program, including creating a script and a function.

Publishing MATLAB Code from the Editor 5:57
Share your work by publishing MATLAB® code from the MATLAB Editor to HTML and other formats.

Developing Classes Overview 10:48
Design classes by defining properties, methods, and events in a class definition file.

Calling MATLAB from C Code 1:30
Call MATLAB® from C, C++ or Fortran code using the MATLAB Engine Library.

MATLAB Apps and Graphical User Interfaces

MATLAB Apps 1:45
Get an overview of MATLAB apps, including how to find, create, and share apps.

Creating a GUI with GUIDE 10:28
Create a graphical user interface using GUIDE, the graphical user interface development environment of MATLAB.

Packaging and Installing MATLAB Apps 2:58
Package your application as a single file for distribution and installation into the MATLAB® apps gallery.

Add-on products extend MATLAB for:

Math, Statistics, and Optimization

Statistics Toolbox Overview 3:06
Perform statistical modeling and analysis using Statistics Toolbox™.

An Introduction to Classification 9:00
Develop predictive models for classifying data.

Finding Optimal Path Using Optimization Toolbox 7:28
Solve the path planning problem of navigating through a vector field of wind in the least possible time.

Symbolic Math Toolbox Overview 2:03
Perform mathematics using symbolic computation and variable-precision arithmetic using Symbolic Math Toolbox™.

Signal Processing and Communications

Signal Processing Toolbox Overview 3:28
Perform signal processing, analysis, and algorithm development using Signal Processing Toolbox™.

DSP System Toolbox Overview 2:02
Design and simulate signal processing systems using DSP System Toolbox™.

Communications System Toolbox Overview 2:04
Design and simulate the physical layer of communication systems using Communications System Toolbox™.

Image Processing and Computer Vision

Getting Started with Image Processing Toolbox 4:44
Explore Image Processing Toolbox™ capabilities for segmentation, morphology, image statistics, and Hough transform.

Solving a Sudoku Puzzle Using a Webcam 6:13
Read in a Sudoku puzzle using a USB webcam, extract data from it using image processing, and solve it using a simple numerical algorithm. Sudoku is a registered trademark of NIKOLI Co., Ltd. in Japan.

Feature Detection, Extraction, and Matching with RANSAC 4:50
Create a single panorama from two images. Perform feature detection, extraction, and matching followed by an estimation of the geometric transformation using the RANSAC algorithm.

Using Kinect for Windows with MATLAB 3:41
Acquire image and skeletal data from Microsoft® Kinect® For Windows® into MATLAB®. Kinect is a natural interaction device with an RGB camera, 3-D depth sensor, and 4-channel microphone.

Control System Design and Analysis

PID Control Design with Control System Toolbox 2:22
Design PID controllers using Control System Toolbox.

Introduction to System Identification Toolbox 2:28
Get started with System Identification Toolbox.

C Code Generation

Generating C Code from MATLAB Code 5:34
Generate C code from MATLAB code using MATLAB Coder™.

Integrate Code into Visual Studio using MATLAB Coder 4:17
Integrate code generated by MATLAB® Coder™ into a parent Microsoft® Visual Studio® project.

Generate Executable for Prototyping Using MATLAB Coder 2:57
Generate code and create an executable to prototype on a desktop PC.

Accelerate Image Compression Algorithm Using MATLAB Coder 4:21
Generate a MEX-file to accelerate simulation of a DCT-based image compression or decompression algorithm.

Sharing MATLAB Applications

Packaging and Installing MATLAB Apps 2:58
Package your application as a single file for distribution and installation into the MATLAB® apps gallery.

Share Your MATLAB Applications Using MATLAB Compiler 5:07
Create single shareable files from MATLAB® algorithms and applications. Package them using MATLAB Compiler for use without a MATLAB installation.

Sharing MATLAB Algorithms with Excel Users 3:06
Share your MATLAB® algorithms and visualizations with users of Microsoft® Excel who may not otherwise need to use MATLAB. This royalty-free sharing is facilitated by MATLAB Builder™ EX.

Integrating MATLAB Algorithms in C or C++ Applications 5:10
Package your MATLAB® algorithms as C or C++ shared libraries with MATLAB Compiler™. Use them directly from C or C++ applications without needing to recode the algorithms or install MATLAB.

Introduction to MATLAB Builder NE 4:48
Learn how to create a simple .NET application using a .DLL created with MATLAB Builder™ NE. The result is a finished application that utilizes MATLAB® but does not require a license to run.