R2014b Release Highlights

Release 2014b includes:

  • Major release of MATLAB, with a new graphics system, increased support for big data, features for packaging and sharing code, and source control integration
  • New Simulink features for accelerating model building and running consecutive simulations
  • Updates to 81 other products

MATLAB Product Family


  • New MATLAB graphics system
  • New functions for processing big data on your desktop that can scale for use with Hadoop
  • Git and Subversion source control integration and access to projects on GitHub from File Exchange
  • MATLAB toolbox packaging as single, installable files for easy sharing and downloading of custom toolboxes
  • Date and time data types with time zone and display options
  • Arduino and Android hardware support for interacting with motors and actuators, and for accessing sensor data

MATLAB Production Server

  • Client libraries for use with C/C++ and Python environments

Statistics Toolbox

  • Multiclass machine-learning framework for binary classifiers such as SVM, and for generalized linear mixed-effects (GLME) models

Datafeed Toolbox

  • Bloomberg B-PIPE and Thomson Reuters Eikon connectivity

Image Processing Toolbox

  • Image segmentation app, region analysis app, and C code generation for 19 functions with MATLAB Coder

Signal Processing and Communications

Computer Vision System Toolbox

  • Stereo camera calibration app, 3-D point-cloud viewer, and imageset class for large collections of images

DSP System Toolbox

  • ARM Cortex-A code generation with NE10 support with Embedded Coder, and multistage sample-rate converter

Communications System Toolbox

  • Connectivity to RTL-SDR radio receivers, connectivity and targeting for Zynq-based radios, I/Q imbalance compensator, and new Eye Diagram

Phased Array System Toolbox

  • Block library for phased array system design in Simulink

LTE System Toolbox

  • LTE Release 11 support including downlink control channel (E-PDCCH) and demodulation reference signal (DMRS) generation


  • Frequency-domain mode for simulation acceleration

Simulink Product Family


  • Smart editing cues for accelerated model building, and editor views for annotations and interfaces
  • Fast simulation restart for running consecutive simulations quickly
  • Simulink Functions for creating and calling reusable functions from anywhere in Simulink and Stateflow
  • Live streaming and data cursors in Simulation Data Inspector


  • Domain-specific line styles for representing physical connections


  • Faster debugging with conditional breakpoints, watch data, and fast animation mode

MATLAB Report Generator and Simulink Report Generator

  • Fill-in-the-blanks Word and HTML forms for enhanced custom reports

Code Generation

Embedded Coder

  • AUTOSAR target updates including 4.1 ARXML, client/server with Simulink Functions, and multi-instance components and IFL/IFX libraries

HDL Coder

  • Xilinx Vivado integration and IP core with AXI interface generation for Altera SoC

HDL Verifier

  • Xilinx Vivado support for FPGA-in-the-Loop simulation

Verification and Validation

Simulink Verification and Validation

  • Model coverage for relational boundary values

Simulink Design Verifier

  • Test generation for relational boundary values and Test Generation Advisor to guide component analysis

Polyspace Bug Finder and Polyspace Code Prover

  • Compliance checks for MISRA C:2012

Release Notes by Product

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