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The MathWorks Release 2008a

Products Renamed for R2008a

Previous Name New Name
Distributed Computing Toolbox Parallel Computing Toolbox™
Excel® Link™ Spreadsheet Link™ EX
Link for Analog Devices VisualDSP++® Embedded IDE Link™ VS
Link for Cadence® Incisive® EDA Simulator Link™ IN
Link for Code Composer Studio™ Embedded IDE Link™ CC
Link for ModelSim® EDA Simulator Link™ MQ
Link for TASKING® Embedded IDE Link™ TS
MATLAB® Builder for Excel® MATLAB® Builder™ EX
MATLAB® Builder for Java™ MATLAB® Builder™ JA
MATLAB® Builder for .NET MATLAB® Builder™ NE
MATLAB® Distributed Computing Engine™ MATLAB® Distributed Computing Server™
Target for Freescale™ MPC5xx Target Support Package™ FM5
Target for Infineon C166® Target Support Package™ IC1
Target for TI C2000™ Target Support Package™ TC2
Target for TI C6000™ Target Support Package™ TC6