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What's New in Release 14 with Service Pack 3

Release 14 with Service Pack 3 (R14SP3), launched on September 1, 2005, provides updates to MATLAB, Simulink, and 75 other products. The primary focus of this service pack is on quality; it also includes new features for data analysis, large-scale modeling, fixed-point development, and code generation.

Release Overview

Data Analysis and Mathematical Algorithms
  • MATLAB: time-series data object and GUI for MATLAB and Simulink for analysis and visualization of simulation, test, and other data
  • Statistics Toolbox: functions for survival analysis, hypothesis testing, prediction, and working with generalized extreme value and Pareto distributions
Large-Scale Modeling
  • Simulink: GUI navigation improvements across Simulink and Stateflow, active annotations, and customizable menus
  • Model reference:
    • Function-call signals can now control a referenced model's execution
    • Variable step solvers for use with model reference
    • Model dependency tool for managing referenced models, and functions for migrating to model reference
Fixed-Point Development
  • Embedded MATLAB functions in Simulink and Stateflow: fixed-point data type support for simulation and code generation
  • Stateflow: data dialog enhancements to better accommodate fixed-point arithmetic
  • Communications Blockset: support for integer data types to increase memory efficiency
Code Generation
  • Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder: built-in data types replaceable with custom types
  • Simulink and Real-Time Workshop: C++ target language support for external mode
  • Real-Time Workshop and Stateflow Coder: global data sharing using data stores
  • Communications Blockset: C code generation for simulation and embedded applications
Verification and Validation
  • Requirements management: enhanced linking functionality and extended document support
  • Extensible model advisor: API for adding user-defined model style guidelines
  • Time-series objects: support for specifying test sequences to drive root-level Simulink inports
Financial Modeling and Analysis
  • Financial Toolbox: New set of statistical computation routines that compute values, such as mean and covariance, when there are missing data elements, based on the Expectation Conditional Maximization (ECM) algorithm
  • Datafeed Toolbox: Real-time data retrieval using Bloomberg ActiveX interface, and upgraded FactSet functionality based on FAST
Platform Support
  • Macintosh: MATLAB product family operation improvements on the Mac platform, including:
    • New plotting interface for interactively creating and editing plots without entering M-code and support for docking and tiling figures in the desktop
    • Significantly faster scalar and for loop operations via JIT/Accelerator support
    • MATLAB Compiler support
  • MATLAB for Windows XP 64-bit: Beta version is now available.

New Products

SimBiology (Web download only)
SimBiology extends MATLAB with tools for modeling, designing, simulating, and analyzing biochemical pathways. Key features include:
  • Access to all functions via the command line and a graphical user interface
  • Stochastic, stiff deterministic, and nonstiff deterministic solvers
  • Model components, including species, parameters, kinetic laws, reactions, algebraic relations, and units
  • Project files that store models with simulation settings and user-defined plot types
SimEvents (Web download only)
SimEvents extends Simulink with tools for modeling and simulating discrete-event systems using queues and servers. Key features include:
  • Enables entity-based, discrete-event simulation
  • Provides libraries of queues, servers, switches, and gates
  • Includes generators for entities, events, and signals
  • Supports hybrid simulation of models that contain both event-based and time-based execution components
  • Automatically collects common statistics, such as delay and throughput

Products with Major Upgrades

Distributed Computing Toolbox and MATLAB Distributed Computing Engine 2 (Web download only)
New features include:
  • Support for communication among interdependent tasks, based on the industry-standard Message Passing Interface (MPI)
  • Support for Platform Computing's Platform™ LSF scheduler and for MPIExec
  • Generic API for integration with third-party schedulers
Video and Image Processing Blockset 2 (Web download only)
New features include:
  • New blocks for Optical Flow, Gaussian Pyramiding, Projective Transform, Block Matching, Peak Signal-to-Noise Ratio (PSNR), and De-interlacing
  • Region of interest (ROI) processing added to Mean, Standard Deviation, Variance, and Projective Transform blocks
  • New features in the following blocks: Blob Analysis, MPlay, and Color Conversion
  • New examples highlighting optical flow and traffic sign recognition
Financial Derivatives Toolbox 4
New features include:
  • Support for Black-Karasinski (BK) and Hull-White (HW) interest rate models
  • Support for recombining trinomial trees, used in conjunction with the BK and HW models
  • Enhanced treeviewer function
Genetic Algorithm and Direct Search Toolbox 2
New features include:
  • Ability for the genetic and direct search algorithms to solve optimization problems with nonlinear, linear, and bound constraints
  • Mesh Adaptive Direct Search (MADS) algorithm
  • Additional genetic algorithm options, including a new crossover function and a new mutation function to handle linear and bound constraints
  • Additional hybrid function option that lets you use traditional optimization algorithms to refine solutions to constrained optimization problems
  • Five new examples, including optimizing nonsmooth and stochastic objective functions and using the Distributed Computing Toolbox to improve genetic and direct search algorithm execution time
Model-Based Calibration Toolbox 3 (Web download only)
New features include:
  • Command-line interface for automating the modeling process
  • Support for filling multiple calibration tables simultaneously
  • Wizards for feature-based and optimization-based table filling
  • CAGE Import Tool that lets you:
    • Import models, features and optimizations into existing CAGE sessions
    • Use new engine models in existing feature filling and optimization processes
  • Improved boundary modeling capabilities, including:
    • Convex hull models
    • Support for creating boundary models in subsets of the test plan variables
    • Revamped graphical user interface
  • Calibration import and export links:
    • ETAS INCA (via .dcm files)
    • ATI Vision (via a live link or .mat file)
  • Improved optimization speed
  • Improved optimization robustness, with multiple start points and automatic scaling

Other Updated Products

MATLAB Product Family Simulink Product Family

Bioinformatics Toolbox 2.2 (Web download)
Communications Toolbox 3.2
Control System Toolbox 6.2.1
Curve Fitting Toolbox 1.1.4
Data Acquisition Toolbox 2.8 (Web download)
Database Toolbox 3.1
Datafeed Toolbox 1.7
Excel Link 2.3
Extended Symbolic Math Toolbox 3.1.3
Filter Design HDL Coder 1.3
Filter Design Toolbox 3.3
Financial Time Series Toolbox 2.2
Financial Toolbox 2.5
Fixed-Income Toolbox 1.1.1
Fixed-Point Toolbox 1.3
Fuzzy Logic Toolbox 2.2.2
GARCH Toolbox 2.1
Image Acquisition Toolbox 1.9.1 (Web download)
Image Processing Toolbox 5.1
Instrument Control Toolbox 2.3
Link for Code Composer Studio 1.4.2
Link for ModelSim 1.4
Mapping Toolbox 2.2
MATLAB Builder for COM 1.1.5
MATLAB Builder for Excel 1.2.5
MATLAB Compiler 4.3
MATLAB Report Generator 2.3.1
Model Predictive Control Toolbox 2.2.1
Neural Network Toolbox 4.0.6
OPC Toolbox 2.0.1
Optimization Toolbox 3.0.3
Partial Differential Equation Toolbox 1.0.7
RF Toolbox 1.2
Robust Control Toolbox 3.0.2
Signal Processing Toolbox 6.4
Spline Toolbox 3.2.2
Statistics Toolbox 5.1
Symbolic Math Toolbox 3.1.3
System Identification Toolbox 6.1.2
Wavelet Toolbox 3.0.3
  Simulink 6.3

Aerospace Blockset 2.0.1
CDMA Reference Blockset 1.1.1
Communications Blockset 3.2
Embedded Target for Infineon C166 Microcontrollers 1.2.1
Embedded Target for Motorola HC12 1.1.3
Embedded Target for Motorola MPC555 2.0.3
Embedded Target for OSEK/VDX 1.1.3
Embedded Target for TI C2000 DSP 1.3
Embedded Target for TI C6000 DSP 2.4
Gauges Blockset 2.0.2
Real-Time Windows Target 2.6
Real-Time Workshop 6.3
Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder 4.3
RF Blockset 1.2
Signal Processing Blockset 6.2
SimDriveline 1.1.1
SimMechanics 2.3
SimPowerSystems 4.1.1
Simulink Accelerator 6.3
Simulink Control Design 1.3
Simulink Fixed Point 5.1.2
Simulink Parameter Estimation 1.1.2
Simulink Report Generator 2.3.1
Simulink Response Optimization 2.3
Simulink Verification and Validation 1.1.1
Stateflow 6.3
Stateflow Coder 6.3
Virtual Reality Toolbox 4.2.1
xPC Target 2.8
xPC Target Embedded Option 2.8

What is a Service Pack?

A service pack is a collection of bug fixes, features, and Web releases made since the last general release, captured in a full media set.

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