Parallel Computing Toolbox 

Parallel Programming in MATLAB

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Utilize a multicore machine? Use Parallel Computing Toolbox Parallel Computing Toolbox
Utilize a cluster? Use MATLAB Distributed Computing Server with Parallel Computing Toolbox MATLAB Distributed Computing Server

Run Monte Carlo simulations?

Test your designs against variations in several parameters?

Have for-loops that take a long time to run?

Accelerate computations Accelerating Calculations Through Parallel for-Loops
Work with data sets that are too big to process on a single computer? Spread data sets across multiple computers and process in parallel Handling Large Data Sets with Distributed Distributed Arrays and Parallel MATLAB Functions
spmd (single program multiple data) statements

Find it cumbersome to debug parallel applications?

Need to access intermediate results when you run your parallel code?

Interactively develop your parallel applications Interactive Environment
matlabpool command
Parallel Command Window
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The Parallel Computing Toolbox product offers several features that simplify the development of parallel applications in MATLAB. It offers programming constructs such as parallel loops and distributed arrays that let you extend your serial programming into a parallel domain. You can use these constructs without the requirement of learning a complex parallel language or making significant changes to your existing code. The toolbox supports interactive development, which lets you connect to your cluster from a MATLAB session to interactively perform parallel computations.

Integration of the toolbox with Optimization Toolbox, Global Optimization Toolbox, and SystemTest lets you use parallel computing capabilities directly without writing any parallel code. In addition, MATLAB Compiler and related builder products let you create executables and shared libraries from your parallel MATLAB applications. These executables and shared libraries can connect with MATLAB Distributed computing Server for high performance computing, and they can be shared royalty-free.

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