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MathWorks Product Overview

Explore nearly 100 products in the MATLAB and Simulink product families for technical computing and Model-Based Design. Click a category to learn more.

Verification, Validation and Test

Physical Modeling

  • Simscape
    Model and simulate multidomain physical systems
  • SimMechanics
    Model and simulate multibody mechanical systems
  • SimDriveline
    Model and simulate one-dimensional mechanical systems
  • SimHydraulics
    Model and simulate hydraulic systems
  • SimRF
    Design and simulate RF systems
  • SimElectronics
    Model and simulate electronic and mechatronic systems
  • SimPowerSystems
    Model and simulate electrical power systems

Fixed-Point Modeling

Simulation Graphics and Reporting

Event-Based Modeling

  • Stateflow
    Design and simulate state machines
  • SimEvents
    Model and simulate discrete-event systems
  • Simulink
    Simulink is an extensible block diagram environment for system simulation and Model-Based Design. It enables engineers to simulate and analyze a broad range of systems including controls, signal and image processing, communications, and multidomain physical systems.

Real-Time Simulation and Testing

Application Deployment

Database Access and Reporting


    MATLAB is a high-level programming language and interactive environment for technical computing, and includes functions for algorithm development, data analysis, numeric computation, and visualization.

    MATLAB serves as the foundation for all other MathWorks products.

Math, Statistics, and Optimization

Control Systems

Computational Biology

Computational Finance

Image Processing and Computer Vision

Signal Processing and Communications

Test and Measurement

Code Generation

Parallel Computing