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Phased Array System Toolbox

Design and simulate phased array signal processing systems

Phased Array System Toolbox™ provides algorithms and apps for the design, simulation, and analysis of sensor array systems in radar, sonar, wireless communications, and medical imaging applications. The system toolbox includes pulsed and continuous waveforms and signal processing algorithms for beamforming, matched filtering, direction of arrival (DOA) estimation, and target detection. It also includes models for transmitters and receivers, propagation, targets, jammers, and clutter.

The system toolbox lets you model the dynamics of ground-based, airborne, or ship-borne multifunction radar systems with moving targets and platforms. You can design end-to-end phased array systems and analyze their performance under different scenarios using synthetic or acquired data. The toolbox apps let you explore the characteristics of sensor arrays and waveforms and perform link budget analysis. In-product examples provide a starting point for implementing custom phased array systems.

Toolbox algorithms are available as MATLAB® System objects™ and Simulink® blocks.

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