New Features

R2014b (Version 5.1) - Released 2 Oct 2014

Version 5.1, part of Release 2014b, includes the following enhancements:

  • Estimation of category-specific parameters using the sbiofit function
  • Parameter bounds in the sbiofit function
  • Desktop enhancements for estimation methods
  • Species, parameter, and compartment names accepted by the StatesToLog property

See the Release Notes for details.

Previous Releases

R2014a (Version 5) - 6 Mar 2014

Version 5, part of Release 2014a, includes the following enhancements:

  • Desktop enhancements for model and task viewing, exploration, and editing
  • sbiofit and sbiofitmixed functions for parameter estimation
  • Enhanced command line calling of models for parameter scanning and sensitivity analysis

See the Release Notes for details.

R2013b (Version 4.3.1) - 5 Sep 2013

Version 4.3.1, part of Release 2013b, includes bug fixes.

See the Release Notes for details.

R2013a (Version 4.3) - 7 Mar 2013

Version 4.3, part of Release 2013a, includes the following enhancements:

  • Particle swarm optimization for parameter estimation
  • Dose and variant control within the Simulation Viewer
  • Speedup of sbionlinfit, sbionlmefit, Vsbionlmefitsa, and sbioparamestim functions (using Parallel Computing Toolbox)
  • Desktop enhancements for user ordering and grouping of models, tasks, and data

See the Release Notes for details.

R2012b (Version 4.2) - 11 Sep 2012

Version 4.2, part of Release 2012b, includes the following enhancements:

  • Speedup of simulation of models with multicore processors and computer clusters using Parallel Computing Toolbox
  • Text display of SimBiology models as a system of differential equations
  • Fit Data Tool and Simulation Viewer to interactively visualize and explore data and models
  • Noncompartmental analysis for characterizing pharmacokinetic data
  • Deployment of SimBiology models using MATLAB Compiler

See the Release Notes for details.