SolidWorks-to-SimMechanics Translator

This application installs the SolidWorks-to-SimMechanics translator as an add-in, which allows you to save SolidWorks CAD assemblies in the Physical Modeling XML file format. SimMechanics can read these files to generate Simulink models.

To use the translator, you must first install it, then link it to SolidWorks.

To Install the SolidWorks-to-SimMechanics Translator

You do not need MATLAB or any MATLAB component, such as SimMechanics, to install the SolidWorks-to-SimMechanics translator add-in.  You need to have SolidWorks installed.

  1. Download the SolidWorks-to-SimMechanics translator self-extracting archive from
  2. Run the archive. A confirmation window appears. Click Setup to start installation, or click Cancel to abort.
  3. Once you start, the installer continues and opens a Setup Wizard. Continue by clicking Next.
  4. Enter an installation directory, use the Browse button to select another, or accept the default directory provided. Click Next.
  5. Confirm the installation by clicking Next. The installation proceeds to completion. Click Close to finish. A Web browser opens, displaying this README file.

Define the translator installation directory as $INSTALL.

To Link SolidWorks-to-SimMechanics Translator

The translator is automatically linked to SolidWorks after installation, but you can link and unlink it manually as well. To link:

  1. After you have completed the preceding steps to install the translator, start SolidWorks and close any introductory dialogs.
  2. Choose Add-Ins from the Tools menu, and then select SimMechanics. Click OK to link the translator to SolidWorks.

To View Documentation and Examples

The installation of the SolidWorks-to-SimMechanics translator includes documentation and example files separate from the MATLAB Help system. Relative to the translator installation, you can view these respective file sets in

The documentation includes an HTML page and a PDF book. The examples consist of sample assemblies and parts.

To Unlink the SolidWorks-to-SimMechanics Translator

  1. Open the SolidWorks Tools menu, then go to Add-Ins.
  2. Clear the SimMechanics entry and click OK. Then close SolidWorks.

To Uninstall the SolidWorks-to-SimMechanics Translator

First unlink the SolidWorks-to-SimMechanics translator from SolidWorks. Then uninstall the translator through either of these steps:

The uninstallation procedure removes all SolidWorks-to-SimMechanics translators on your system in a single step.

NOTE: Manually deleting the files is not sufficient to completely uninstall the translator because it is recorded in the Windows registry. You must carry out the uninstallation procedure to fully remove the translator.

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