Simulink Test

Develop, manage, and execute simulation-based tests

Simulink® Test™ provides tools for authoring, managing, and executing systematic, simulation-based tests. It includes a test sequence block that lets you construct complex test sequences and assessments and a test manager for managing and executing tests. Additionally, Simulink Test enables functional, baseline, equivalence, and back-to-back testing, including software-in-the-loop (SIL) and processor-in-the-loop (PIL). Simulink Test also enables you to apply pass and fail criteria that include absolute and relative tolerances, limits, logical checks, and temporal conditions. Setup and cleanup scripts help you to automate or customize test execution.

You can create nonintrusive test harnesses in Simulink Test to test models and subsystems. The test harness capability lets you test components without creating a separate test model. You can store test cases and their results with Simulink Test, creating a repository for reviewing and investigating failures. You can generate reports, archive and review test results, rerun failed tests, and debug the component or system under test. Simulink Test also lets you view requirements linked using Simulink Verification and Validation to test cases captured in Microsoft® Word,  IBM® Rational® DOORS®, and other documents.

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