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Symbolic Math Toolbox

Perform symbolic math computations

Symbolic Math Toolbox provides functions for solving and manipulating symbolic math expressions and performing variable-precision arithmetic. You can analytically perform differentiation, integration, simplification, transforms, and equation solving. You can also generate code for MATLAB®, Simulink®, and Simscape from symbolic math expressions.

Symbolic Math Toolbox includes the MuPAD® language, which is optimized for handling and operating on symbolic math expressions. It provides libraries of MuPAD functions in common mathematical areas, such as calculus and linear algebra, and in specialized areas, such as number theory and combinatorics. You can also write custom symbolic functions and libraries in the MuPAD language. The MuPAD Notebook lets you document symbolic math derivations with embedded text, graphics, and typeset math. You can share the annotated derivations as HTML or as a PDF.

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