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Recorded Webinar Series: Design and Verify Signal Processing Systems Using MATLAB and Simulink

This three-part webinar series shows how you can significantly reduce the time you spend verifying signal processing systems, hardware, and software.

MathWorks engineers will show how you can:

  • Use system models to integrate algorithms and components
  • Simulate to evaluate the system-level impact of design tradeoffs and implementation choices
  • Prototype designs on hardware without low-level programming
  • Reuse the test bench to verify hardware and software using your existing tools and workflows

Through product demonstrations of communications and audio processing systems, MathWorks engineers will show you how to:

  • Build an executable specification model as a system-level reference and test bench
  • Model complex system behavior, timing, and control logic
  • Develop DSP algorithms to mitigate RF and analog impairments
  • Simulate, analyze, and optimize fixed-point algorithm and filter designs
  • Connect MATLAB and Simulink to HDL simulators and embedded software IDEs
  • Perform processor-in-the-loop testing of software running on DSP processors
  • Automate verification tasks such as comparison and analysis of stimulus/response test results
Part 1: Multidomain Modeling and Simulation 35:17
Part 2: Early Verification in HDL Workflows 37:50
Part 3: Early Verification in DSP Software Workflows 52:53

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