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Recorded Webinar Series: Making Control System Development Easier with MATLAB and Simulink

This four part webinar series highlights the use of MathWorks products for designing a control system by using a digital motion control case study. Through this webinar series MathWorks engineers will demonstrate how you can:

  • Test more thoroughly, by starting before hardware is available and by simulating conditions that would be dangerous or costly to examine with real hardware.
  • Catch errors early in the development process where they are easier and cheaper to fix.
  • Troubleshoot existing design problems systematically and effectively, without tying up actual hardware systems.
  • Try different control strategies safely and quickly

This will help you reduce development time and costs, improve quality, and deliver systems with higher performance and efficiency.

Through product demonstrations MathWorks engineers will show you how to:
  • Use dynamic simulation to verify and improve your design
  • Create plant models from experimental data and from first principles
  • Use test data to estimate model parameters
  • Design compensators using graphical tuning and optimization-based methods
  • Design and test fault detection logic
  • Conduct real-time model testing
Part 1: Introduction to Dynamic Simulation 48:56
Part 2: Plant Modeling 50:02
Part 3: Control Design 41:04
Part 4: Real-Time Testing 27:36