Free Tips, Tools, and Embedded Software Development Kits

Gain access to technical resources for Piccolo (C2000) microcontroller from TI, ARM9, Freescale S12x, and other embedded processors

Freescale S12x, ARM9, STR9-comStick embedded software kit

Embedded Software Development Kits extend code generation capabilities by demonstrating how to develop device driver code, build projects, debug, run processor-in-the-loop (PIL) testing, and log signals and tune parameters on the real-time application using CAN Calibration Protocol (CCP) in conjunction with CodeWarrior Development Tools, Cosmic Cross Development Tools, Eclipse IDE, and GNU compilers on Freescale S12X, ARM9 (Hitex STR9-comStick), Piccolo (C2000) microcontroller from TI, and other embedded processors. This kit teaches you how to deploy to processors not available with the Embedded Coder product. Learn more about these embedded software development kits for the Freescale S12x, ARM9 (Hitex STR9-comStick), and other embedded processors through the following technical resources that provide:

  • Presentations and documentation
  • Scripts and programs
  • Sample device driver code for on-board peripherals
  • Example models

Embedded code generation technology has become a key component in the evolution of software development because it is practical; you can add details to designs directly on a model and then generate embedded code. As usage increases, so does the need to offer more guidance, design patterns, examples, and tools for embedded code deployment. Learn more about these advanced topics through the following technical resources that provide:

  • White papers
  • Presentations
  • Scripts and programs
  • Example models
  • Design patterns and guides