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Free Signal Processing Code Generation Technical Kits

Get technical resources on rapid-prototyping and implementating MATLAB on embedded processors.

Code generation technology has been increasingly used in complex projects to prototype signal processing designs created in MATLAB and Simulink on real-time embedded processors and DSPs boards.

Instead of manually hand-coding MATLAB algorithms along with drivers and schedulers that might take many months, systems and embedded software engineers are using MathWorks™ products to automatically generate complete standalone real-time C code from MATLAB and Simulink for various applications such as audio and medical signal processing, video analytics and surveillance, and wireless communications systems.

Learn how through these technical kits that provide:

  • Industry-focused white papers
  • User stories
  • Video webinar presentations
  • How-To Tutorials
  • Detailed product application examples
  • Hands-on example: Introduction to Code Generation for Analog Devices Blackfin® processors

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