Adopting Model-Based Design Interactive Kit

Model, simulate, test, and implement complex embedded systems

Adopting Model-Based Design Interactive Kit

Model-Based Design with MATLAB and Simulink is an efficient and cost-effective way to develop complex embedded systems in aerospace, automotive, communications, and other industries. It enables system- and component-level design and simulation, automatic code generation, and continuous test and verification.

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Transitioning to Model-Based Design

  • Paper: Best Practices for Establishing a Culture of Model-Based Design
  • Report: Return on Investment in Simulink for Electronic System Design
  • Paper: Pragmatic Strategies for Adopting Model-Based Design

Developing a Model Architecture

  • Paper: Model-Based Design for Large Systems
  • Paper: Data Modeling and Management
  • Article: Patterns for Integrating Simulink with Stateflow
  • Paper: Applying Model-Based Design to Commercial Vehicle Electronics Systems

Optimizing Simulation Performance

  • Webinar: Speeding Up Simulink
  • Webinar: Speeding Up Simulink Models for Signal Processing and Communications
  • Paper: Using Computing Clusters and Automatic Code Generation to Speed Up Simulation Tasks
  • Blog: Parallel Computing with Simulink-Model Reference Builds

Performing Configuration Management

  • Paper: Configuration Management in Model-Based Design

Implementing Company and Industry Modeling Standards

  • Example: Implementing Modeling Standards
  • MAAB Style Guidelines
  • Blog: Customizing Simulink

Establishing a Reliable Verification, Validation and Test Strategy

  • Paper: Best Practices for Verification, Validation, and Test in Model-Based Design
  • Webinar: Best Practices for Verification, Validation, and Test in Model-Based Design
  • Webinar: Five Reports to Carry into Design Reviews