MATLAB Technical Kit

See how other engineers and scientists use MATLAB to make advancements.

"MATLAB proved to be an ideal environment for developing SonarScope® because it enabled me to develop algorithms, visualize results, and then refine the algorithms in an iterative cycle."

Jean-Marie Augustin, Ifremer

MATLAB® provides the foundation for making progress in vital areas of engineering and science. By combining a powerful numeric engine and technical programming environment with interactive exploration and visualization tools, MATLAB has become the language of technical computing.

Resources that you will receive include:

  • User story: Developing and Deploying Sonar and Echosounder Data Analysis Software
  • Technical article: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming in MATLAB
  • Video: Getting Started with MATLAB
  • Video: Finding Optimal Path Using Optimization Toolbox
  • Webinar: Introduction to MATLAB
  • Example code: MATLAB Plot Gallery