Control Systems Technical Kit

Learn more about resources for designing, testing, and implementing control systems.

"We used MathWorks tools to design, test, modify, and implement a control system for a permanent magnet drive in one year. Given the resources available to us, it would have been impossible to deliver this on schedule without MathWorks tools."

Han Geerligs, Alstom

MATLAB® and Simulink® products for control design support each stage of the development process, from plant modeling to deployment through automatic code generation. Control engineers around the world rely on the flexibility of the tools to solve a broad range of control problems.

Resources that you will receive include:

  • User story: Alstom Generates Production Code for Safety-Critical Power Converter Control Systems
  • Technical article: Motor Control with Arduino: A Case Study in Data-Driven Modeling and Control Design
  • White paper: Design and Verification of Motion Control Algorithms Using Simulation
  • Video: PID Controller Design for a DC Motor
  • Webinar: PID Control Made Easy
  • Example code: PID Controller Design and Tuning with MATLAB and Simulink: Engine Control