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Free Discrete Event Simulation Technical Kit

Model electronic system architectures, process flows, and logistics as queuing systems or agent-based systems

technical kit

MathWorks discrete-event simulation products provide a single modeling and data analysis environment that lets you:

  • Identify resource constraints, latencies, and bottlenecks in a queuing system
  • Customize key elements, such as routing algorithms, processing latencies, and prioritization schemes
  • Simulate multidomain systems containing both time-based and agent-based components

Complete the form for access to technical resources that demonstrate how to bring efficiency and precision to your system modeling and simulation.

  • Videos on system architecture modeling and process simulation—topics include Ethernet bus modeling, performance analysis, mission planning, and manufacturing process simulation
  • Technical articles - Topics include system-architecture and resource-constraint modeling, and discrete-event and hybrid simulation.
  • SimEvents evaluation kit - Learn how you can use discrete-event simulation through sample scripts, programs, example models, design patterns and guides.
  • Product data sheet for SimEvents