Mathematical Modeling Technical Kit

Learn how you can quickly build accurate mathematical models based on data or scientific principles.

"Having a single, widely used package in our industry that has many capabilities for solving ordinary differential equations as well as optimization and statistical capabilities is quite valuable. That is why we use MathWorks tools."

Anna Georgieva, Novartis

MATLAB® products let you develop virtually any type of system, including linear and nonlinear, static and dynamic, deterministic and stochastic, discrete and continuous, and causal and non-causal.

Resources that you will receive include:

  • User story: Novartis Accelerates Model Development Process
  • Technical article: Solving Large-Scale Optimization Problems with MATLAB: A Hydroelectric Flow Example
  • Webinar: Mathematical Modeling with MATLAB Products
  • Videos: Mathematical Modeling with Optimization, Parts 1 and 2
  • Blog: Loren on the Art of MATLAB: From Symbolic Differential Equations to Their Numeric Solution