Deploying MATLAB Based Applications - Java Edition


MATLAB Fundamentals and basic working knowledge of the Java programming language

Detailed course outline

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Deployment Options

Objective: Become familiar with various deployment options using MATLAB Compiler and compiler-based tools.

  • Application deployment process
  • Builder products overview
  • MATLAB Builder EX
  • MATLAB Builder NE
  • MATLAB Builder JA
  • Compiler architecture components
  • Desktop deployment components and workflow
  • Web deployment components
MATLAB Compiler

Objective: Use Deployment Tool to create standalone executables from MATLAB files.

  • Configuring the environment
  • Building standalone executables
  • Handling inputs
  • Handling GUI wrappers
  • Packaging the application
  • Desktop deployment components
  • MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR)
Integrating MATLAB Code with Java Applications

Objective: Build a Java software component from MATLAB code and incorporate the component into a Java application.

  • The build process
  • Writing and testing MATLAB code
  • Creating a MATLAB based Java component
  • Building the Java component
  • Writing the Java application
  • Importing the MATLAB based component
  • Building and running the Java application
Java Components with Inputs and Outputs

Objective: Incorporate MATLAB based Java components that send and receive inputs and outputs to and from a Java application.

  • Java component input and output
  • Building the Java component
  • Using MWArrays for input
  • Navigating the Javadoc for MWArrays
  • Creating and using MWNumericArrays
  • Creating and using MWCharArrays
  • Using MWArrays for output
  • Building and running the Java application
  • Working with other data types
Java Component Interface Considerations

Objective: Apply commonly-used features such as variable inputs and outputs as well as error handling.

  • Interface features
  • Building the Java component
  • Variable input and output arguments
  • The MWException class
  • Memory management
  • Understanding the MCR
  • Building and running the Java application
Web Deployment

Objective: Deploy a Web application using a Java component inside a Java servlet and display MATLAB-generated graphics on a web page.

  • Web application architecture
  • Building the Java component
  • Writing a Java servlet
  • Writing an HTML form
  • Writing an XML descriptor
  • Creating a web archive file
  • Deploying a web archive
  • Running the application from a web browser
  • Using graphics with the WebFigures object