Fundamentals of Code Generation for Real-Time Design and Testing

This is a one-day course that provides a working introduction to automatic code generation with Simulink Coder and its add-on products. This course is designed for Simulink® users who intend to use Simulink Coder for embedded application development. Themes of real-time validation, rapid prototyping, and embedded software development are explored in the context of model-based design. Topics include:

  • Simulation Speedup with Code Generation
  • Real-Time Applications with Simulink Real-Time
  • Code Generation
  • Software-in-the-Loop Verification
  • Processor-in-the-Loop Verification

Training Formats

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Course is led by a MathWorks instructor in a focused classroom setting. Locations include MathWorks offices and public sites worldwide; classroom training can also take place at your facility

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Simulink® for System and Algorithm Modeling (or Simulink for Automotive System Design or Simulink for Aerospace System Design). Knowledge of C programming language.