Verification and Validation of Simulink Models


MATLAB Fundamentals and Simulink for System and Algorithm Modeling
This course is intended for intermediate or advanced Simulink users. Familiarity with creating MATLAB scripts and functions is recommended.
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Verification and Validation in Model-Based Design

Objective: Introduce verification and validation in the Simulink environment, and how it fits in to a typical Model-Based Design project workflow.

  • Continuous test and verification
  • Types of verification
  • Project environment
  • System requirements
  • Test plans
Developing Test Cases

Objective: Create and store test cases for a Simulink model, using both MATLAB code and Simulink test harness models.

  • Harness models
  • MATLAB scripts
  • External sources
Analyzing Test Results

Objective: Analyze test results of a Simulink simulation, both during and after the simulation.

  • Run-time analysis
  • Logging data
  • Saving data
  • Automated analysis
  • Simulation Data Inspector
Running Multiple Tests

Objective: Create repeatable tests, run groups of tests automatically, and collect coverage data on a model.

  • Test process
  • Self-contained tests
  • Test suites
  • Speeding up tests
Reporting Test Results

Objective: Discuss the methods of sharing test results for Simulink models.

  • Publishing MATLAB files
  • Standard reports
  • Custom reports
Automatically Verifying Models

Objective: Generate model coverage from test cases, and use formal methods to automatically generate tests and prove properties.

  • Model coverage
  • Automatic test generation
  • User-defined objectives
  • Property proving