Course Offerings

There are many ways to receive training:

Classroom. More than 30 courses are offered in a focused classroom setting at MathWorks facilities and public sites around the world.

Online. This environment is ideal for groups with limited budgets or for attendees who need a faster, more flexible way to learn. Choose from:

  • Instructor-led. These courses are led in real time by MathWorks instructors and contain the same course content and materials used in the classroom setting.
  • Self-paced. This prerecorded, interactive e-learning format includes demonstrations, exercises, and quizzes that you complete at your own pace.

Training at your work site. Instructors customize the curriculum based on your attendees’ learning styles and abilities using company-specific or industry-specific examples.

The below courses are presented within three skill levels: fundamental, intermediate, and advanced. These levels represent the level of knowledge required for each course, and should not be used for determining the sequence of courses to be taken by a particular learner.

Code Generation Products

Fundamental Courses Length
Fundamentals of Code Generation for Embedded Applications 1 day
Advanced Courses Length
Programming Xilinx Zynq SoCs with MATLAB and Simulink 2 days
Embedded Coder for Production Code Generation 3 days
MATLAB to C with MATLAB Coder 2 days

MATLAB Products

Fundamental Courses Length
MATLAB Fundamentals 3 days
MATLAB Fundamentals for Automotive Applications 3 days
MATLAB for Financial Applications 3 days
MATLAB Fundamentals for Aerospace Applications 3 days
Intermediate Courses Length
MATLAB for Data Processing and Visualization 1 day
MATLAB Programming Techniques 2 days
Interfacing MATLAB with C Code 1 day
Statistical Methods in MATLAB 2 days
Optimization Techniques in MATLAB 1 day
Image Processing with MATLAB 2 days
Deploying MATLAB Based Applications - .NET Edition 1 day
Building Interactive Applications in MATLAB 1 day
Deploying MATLAB Based Applications - Java Edition 1 day
Parallel Computing with MATLAB 2 days
Signal Processing with MATLAB 2 days
MATLAB and Simulink for Control Design Acceleration 2 days
Advanced Courses Length
MATLAB to C with MATLAB Coder 2 days

Polyspace Products

Advanced Courses Length
Polyspace Code Prover for C/C++ Code Verification 2 days

Simulink Products

Course Length
Model-Based Design Introduction 2 days
Fundamental Courses Length
Simulink for System and Algorithm Modeling 2 days
Simulink for Automotive System Design 2 days
Signal Processing with Simulink 3 days
Simulink for Aerospace System Design 2 days
Intermediate Courses Length
Physical Modeling of Electrical Power Systems with SimPowerSystems 1 day
Integrating Code with Simulink 1 day
Physical Modeling of Multidomain Systems with Simscape 1 day
Physical Modeling of Automotive Systems with SimDriveline 1 day
Physical Modeling of Mechanical Systems with SimMechanics 1 day
Advanced Courses Length
Programming Xilinx Zynq SoCs with MATLAB and Simulink 2 days
Verification and Validation of Simulink Models 1 day
Communication Systems Modeling with Simulink 1 day
Simulink Model Management and Architecture 2 days
Generating HDL Code from Simulink 2 days


Fundamental Courses Length
Stateflow for Logic Driven System Modeling 2 days
Stateflow for Automotive Applications 2 days

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