Aerospace and Defense


Keynote: Dr. Steven F. Butler
Dir. Engineering & Technical Management, HQ AFMC, Wright-Patterson AFB

MathWorks Today
Lisa Kempler & Paul Barnard, MathWorks

Rapid Deployment of Aerospace Flight Controls
Edward Burnett, Lockheed Martin, SkunkWorks

First Civilian Tiltrotor Takes Flight
David King, Bell Helicopter

Tuning Multi-Loop Compensators to Meet Time and Frequency Domain Requirement
John Glass, MathWorks

Modeling a Naval Electrical Power Generation and Propulsion System
Paul Norton, UK Ministry of Defense

Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation of an Aircraft Brake System
Alan Johnson, Cessna Aircraft Company

Modeling Multidomain Physical Systems in Simulink
Terry Denery, MathWorks

An FPGA-based Airborne Image Processing Application Using MDE Techniques
Edward Power, SELEX

Displaying Aircraft in MATLAB Only Flight Simulators Using Virtual Reality
Edward Mayhew, Syracuse Research Corporation

Designs of Real-Time Video Processing Systems in Simulink
Bruce Tannenbaum, MathWorks

F-35 JSF Collaborative Software Development
John Robb, Senior Manager of Air Vehicle Software, Lockheed Martin

Using MathWorks Tools to Generate Code for DO-178B Applications
Bill Potter, MathWorks

MATLAB, Simulink, and Cantera for Aerospace Thermodynamic System Modeling
Joshua Freeh, NASA Glenn Research Center

Implementing a GPS Receiver with DSP and FPGA Hardware Using the Simulink and Related Tools
Mike Donovan, MathWorks

A MATLAB Tool for Study of Propagation Maps in MANETS
Scott Rosen, The MITRE Corporation

Communication Range Analysis Using Interactive MATLAB Application Program
John Conneely, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

Communication System Design with SDR
Mike McLernon, MathWorks

Modeling Complex Systems Using SimEvents
Giovanni Mancini, MathWorks

Interactive On-Demand Parallel Computing
Albert Reuther, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Distributed Computing with MATLAB and Simulink
Narfi Stefansson, MathWorks

Industry at a Crossroads
John Douglass, Aerospace Industries Association

MathWorks Today Technical Computing and Model-Based Design
Paul Barnard, MathWorks

Distributed Computing in the Engineering Workflow
Loren Dean, MathWorks

Best Practices for Establishing a Culture of Model-Based Design
Paul Smith, MathWorks

Productive Programming with MATLAB
Loren Shure, MathWorks

Target Tracking Visualization Tool
Edward J. Mayhew, Jr., Quadelta Incorporated

Moving MATLAB Algorithms into Complete Designs with Fixed-Point Simulation and Code Generation
Houman Zarrinkoub, Ph.D., MathWorks

A User's Experience with Simulink and Stateflow for Real-Time Embedded Applications
James E. Craft and Bob Rusk, Lockheed-Martin Missiles and Fire Control

Hardware-Software Implementation With Model-Based Design
Sudhir Sharma, MathWorks

Automatic Code Generation at Northrop Grumman
Robert H. Miller, Ph.D., Northrop Grumman Corporation

Model-Based Design for Safety Critical Applications
Bill Potter, MathWorks

Weapon System Fault Detection, Isolation, and Analysis using Stateflow
Rosa Donat, BAE Systems

Verification and Validation Introducing Simulink Design Verifier
Goran Begic, MathWorks

MATLAB/Simulink Modeling for Aircraft Propulsion System Interactions
Ernie Hodge, Modelogics Dr. Jeff Dalton, AVETEC

Modeling Motion Control Systems in Air and Space Vehicles
Terry Denery, Ph.D., MathWorks

Servo Control of a Turbine Gas Metering Valve by Physics-Based Robust Controls (µ) Synthesis
Dr. Peter M. Young, Colorado State University
Dr. Kamran Eftekhari Shahroudi, Woodward

Tuning Your Design with new Simulink Control Tools
Rohit Shenoy, MathWorks

Cielo: A MATLAB-Hosted Environment for Multidisciplinary System Analysis
Greg Moore, Mike Chainyk, Claus Hoff, Eric Larour, John Schiermeier, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

Video and Image Processing Embedded System Design
Houman Zarrinkoub, Ph.D., MathWorks