Mixed-Signal Systems

Mixed-Signal Top-Down Design

Top-down design in MATLAB® and Simulink® is about speed of design and speed of simulation. Using circuit simulation, you can iterate on design alternatives to look for the best solution, but these rapid change-and-evaluate cycles are time-consuming when simulated in low-level SPICE models. Top-down design in Simulink uses behavioral modeling to achieve significant speed compared to SPICE modeling.

Perform Rapid Loop Simulation

Loop simulation in SPICE tools can be slow. By contrast, Simulink's built-in solvers are designed and proven to simulate feedback loops efficiently and accurately, resulting in faster simulation times for mixed-signal devices such as ADCs, PLLs, and SERDES. Top-down design in Simulink not only speeds simulation, its speed makes it possible for the user to evaluate design alternatives for complex systems.

Simulate Circuit Models Faster

Top-down design in Simulink includes behavioral circuit simulation using SimPowerSystems. SimPowerSystems lets you model RLC elements, op-amps, and switches. Electronic circuit models created with SimPowerSystems simulate faster than lower-level SPICE models.

The ability to combine both design abstractions and circuit-level elements in the same Simulink model enables you to reuse behavioral models as test harnesses for SPICE models or for prototype devices.