Mixed-Signal Systems

Mixed-Signal Verification

MATLAB® and Simulink® make mixed-signal verification easier from the system-level through to device testing.

Parameter Sweeps

At the system level, you can run parameter sweeps on mixed-signal MATLAB or Simulink models to verify how the system will behave under a variety of operating conditions.

Simulink models can be controlled by MATLAB scripts that vary Simulink block parameters and collect the simulation results. Using this approach, companies have written scripts that iterate across a large number of parameters.

Linking tools

At the next level of design, cosimulation and code generation are used to link system-level models to circuit simulation and HDL simulators. With cosimulation, MATLAB and Simulink models are used as test harness to verify the circuit or HDL implementation at run time. With code generation, C or HDL code generated from system-level models is included in circuit or HDL simulators.

Device testing

The final level of mixed-signal verification is device testing. At this stage, MATLAB and Simulink integrate with a variety of test equipment, enabling engineers to build test systems that create test vectors via models, control test equipment, and analyze the results.