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Elementary Linear Algebra, 5e 1927

Elementary Linear Algebra, 5e

The fifth edition of this book offers approximately 2,000 problems, supported by examples, with clear sequences of algebraic steps to guide students. The examples and applications are drawn from a variety of disciplines to show students the relevance of linear algebra in their fields of study. More than 200 problems invite conjecture about linear algebra, and there is at least one MATLAB "project problem" in each chapter that incorporates all of the MATLAB and linear algebra principles up to that point.

Companion software available Companion Software: A set of MATLAB M-files called the Elementary Linear Algebra Toolbox was developed by Cecelia Laurie to supplement the text. Please contact the publisher for more information on obtaining these files.

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About This Book

Stanley I. Grossman

Saunders College Publishing, 1994

ISBN: 0-03-097354-6
Language: English