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Komputerowe wspomaganie w projektowaniu uklad

Komputerowe wspomaganie w projektowaniu ukladów regulacji

This is the first book in Polish covering the field of computer-aided control system design (CACSD) . The book focuses on the use of computer tools in the design process, with the principal part of the book devoted to MATLAB, Simulink, the MATLAB application toolboxes, and a MATLAB-derived tool called D2M (diagram-to-model) . The presentation includes several programming examples and a description of the tools. Examples of variable structure controls in Simulink are also included. MATLAB Handle Graphics capabilities, as well as new toolboxes such as the Neural Network Toolbox, are covered in the text.

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About This Book

Maciej Szymkat

Wydawnictwa Naukowo- Techniczne, 1993

ISBN: 83-204-1655-8
Language: Polish