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Process Dynamics: Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation 2210

Process Dynamics: Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation

Process Dynamics: Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation applies MATLAB and Simulink to the dynamic behavior of chemical processes. Computer simulation techniques allow the application of multiple analytical strategies, both linear and nonlinear, to create accurate, adaptable models for real-life chemical processes. With an emphasis on numerical methods and the dynamic nature of chemical processes, this book covers process modeling, numerical techniques, and linear and nonlinear systems analysis. In addition, it includes nonlinear dynamics and the use of MATLAB for numerical analysis and simulation. Special review and learning modules further integrate the software applications with the key text concepts. End-of-chapter exercises complement the more extensive case studies at the end of the book.

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About This Book

B. Wayne Bequette, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Prentice Hall, 1998

ISBN: 0-13-206889-3
Language: English