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Sistemi di Controllo Digitale 2244

Sistemi di Controllo Digitale

Written in Italian, this book is targeted at a senior/graduate level course in control. The text focuses on computer controlled system analysis and design. Topics include z-transform, signal sampling and reconstruction, discrete transfer function, stability criteria, design specifications, design technique via discretization, auxiliary w-plane, analytic design, digital PID regulators, minimum variance control, self-tuning adaptive controllers, and realization problems in digital control. Appendices include a z-transform table, system modeling via graphical techniques, CAD tools for control design, Diophantine equation, and the Mason formula. The methodological topics are illustrated through a number of exercises using MATLAB and Simulink.

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About This Book

C. Bonivento
C. Melchiorri
R. Zanasi

Progetto Leonardo, 1996

ISBN: 88-85040-96-9
Language: Italian