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Signal and Linear System Analysis: with MATLAB, 2e 2228

Signal and Linear System Analysis: with MATLAB, 2e

This book is aimed at the junior level signals and system analysis course for engineering students. The book is designed so that students can perceive the basis of signal and linear system analysis procedures easily, enabling them to work through a wide range of problems in linear systems. Key terms areconcisely defined and easily identified. Approximately 200 examples and solutions are drawn mainly from an electrical engineering context. In addition, there are nearly 500 end-of-chapter problems, and the appendices include matrix properties and operations, mathematical and transform tables, plus a computer program for FFT and IFFT computation. MATLAB is used to solve many of the problems throughout the book.

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About This Book

Gordon E. Carlson

John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1998

ISBN: 0-471-12465-6
Language: English