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Advances in Missile Guidance Theory 1800

Advances in Missile Guidance Theory

This book about terminal guidance of intercepting missiles is oriented toward practicing engineers and engineering students. It contains a variety of newly developed guidance methods based on linear quadratic optimization problems. This application-oriented book applies widely used and thoroughly developed theories such LQ and H-infinity to missile guidance. The main theme is to systematically analyze guidance problems with increasing complexity. Numerous examples help the reader to gain greater understanding of the relative merits and shortcomings of the various methods. Both the analytical derivations and the numerical computations of the examples are carried out with MATLAB.

Companion software available Companion Software: A set of MATLAB M-files is available on disk bound in the book.

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About This Book

Joseph Z. Ben-Asher
Isaac Yaesh

AIAA, 1998

ISBN: 1-56347-275-9
Language: English