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A Primer for Finite Elements in Elastic Structures 1784

A Primer for Finite Elements in Elastic Structures

This book disassembles the entire finite element method for civil engineering students and professionals, detailing its supportive theory and its mathematical and structural underpinnings in the context of elastic structures and the principle of virtual work. The book opens with a discussion of matrix algebra and algebraic equation systems. In the early chapters one-dimensional elements are described, while subsequent chapters describe in depth many two-dimensional structural finite elements, including the geometry, mechanics, transformations, and mapping needed for them. An appendix describes how to use MATLAB to perform the matrix operations required for the finite element method, such as matrix addition, multiplication, inversion, partitioning, rearrangements, and assembly.

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About This Book

W. F. Carroll

John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1999

ISBN: 0-471-28345-2
Language: English