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Digitale Signalverarbeitung in der Nachrichten

Digitale Signalverarbeitung in der Nachrichtenübertragung: Elemente, Bausteine, Systeme und ihre Algorithmen

This book, written in German, provides a short introduction to MATLAB for signal processing and communications. It explains theories such as FFT and DFT and how algorithms are derived from them. Different filters are discussed as well as FM/AM convertors, frequency modulation, and decoders. Digital filters are considered, including bi-linear transform and Fourier approximation techniques. Also discussed is the impact of fixed-point arithmetic and the accuracy of filter outputs. MATLAB and Simulink are applied throughout the book. Chapters cover how to build MATLAB function files and script files, how to build Simulink models, the discrete blocks in the Simulink library, and how MATLAB and Simulink exchange information.

Companion software available Companion Software: The authors have developed a set of MATLAB M-files and Simulink models that are available on a diskette bound into the book. These files require MATLAB and Simulink.

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About This Book

Peter Gerdsen
Peter Kröger

Springer, 1997

ISBN: 3-540-61194-0
Language: German