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Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering, 3e 1930

Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering, 3e

Written for undergraduate and graduate students in chemical reaction engineering, this book aims to present a fundamental understanding of reaction engineering through reason rather than memorization, while developing critical and creative thinking skills. Examples throughout the text give students practice in problem definition and alternative pathways to solutions, while reinforcing the understanding of the basic concepts and principles of reaction engineering. Numerous examples are presented in applications from the chemical process industry (e.g., manufacturing ethylene oxide, phthalic anhydride, and ketene; and plant safety) and other industries (e.g., smog formation, oil recovery, and pharmacokinetics).

Companion software available Companion Software: The author has developed a set of MATLAB M-files, which are available on CD-ROM bound in the book.

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About This Book

H. Scott Fogler

Prentice Hall, 1999

ISBN: 0-13-531708-8
Language: English