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Digital Signal Processing 1894

Digital Signal Processing

This book provides seniors, first-year graduate students, and professionals with clear explanations of the principles and applications of digital signal processing. With this book, students will learn how to create original working algorithms and conceptual insights, design frequency-selective and optimal digital filters, participate in DSP research, and select or construct appropriate hardware implementations. Real-world applications are included throughout the text, in such fields as basic speech processing, ultrasonic imaging, stock market predictions, CD digital recording, optimal/adaptive filtering, and phonographic recording restoration. MATLAB graphics and complete numerical examples are integrated throughout the text to clarify DSP concepts. In addition, exercises using MATLAB are included at the end of each chapter. Many of these exercises require the reader to write a significant amount of original MATLAB code.

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About This Book

Thomas J. Cavicchi

John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2000

ISBN: 0-471-124729
Language: English