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Process Control: Modeling, Design, and Simulation 4603

Process Control: Modeling, Design, and Simulation

Process Control: Modeling, Design, and Simulation is intended for junior-level and senior-level undergraduate chemical engineering courses, as well as a reference for professionals. The book offers an integrated introduction to the fundamental topics of process dynamics with MATLAB and Simulink that allows students to learn the material interactively through computer-based simulation exercises. Readers will learn to analyze dynamic chemical processes, and develop automatic control strategies to operate them safely and economically. MATLAB, Simulink, and the Control System Toolbox are used to solve numerous real-world application examples throughout the book. In addition, an introduction to MATLAB and Simulink is included.

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About This Book

B. Wayne Bequette, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Prentice Hall, 2003

ISBN: 0-13-353640-8
Language: English