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Differential Equations: A Modeling Perspective

Differential Equations: A Modeling Perspective, 2e

This text focuses on differential equations as a powerful tool in constructing mathematical models for the physical world. Each chapter introduces a model and then looks at the solutions of the differential equations involved using an integrated analytical, numerical, and qualitative approach. A "MATLAB Technology Resource Manual" by Jennifer Switkes, Robert L. Borrelli, and Courtney S. Coleman (ISBN 0-471-48387-7) is available to supplement this text. The manual was designed to facilitate the use of MATLAB in ordinary differential equations courses, and provides the MATLAB solutions for numerous examples from the text.

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About This Book

Robert L. Borrelli, Harvey Mudd College
Courtney S. Coleman, Harvey Mudd College

John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2004

ISBN: 0-471-43332-2
Language: English