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A Guide to MATLAB for Beginners and Experienced Users korean

A Guide to MATLAB, 2e: for Beginners and Experienced Users

Written for novice and experienced MATLAB users, this book contains explanations of essential MATLAB commands, as well as instructions for using the programming features, graphical capabilities, and desktop interface of MATLAB. Chapters contain examples of how to use MATLAB applications to solve problems in mathematics, engineering, economics, and physics. 

Symbolic expressions are covered using Symbolic Math Toolbox, and a chapter introducing Simulink is included.

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About This Book

Brian R. HuntUniversity of Maryland at College Park
Ronald L. LipsmanUniversity of Maryland at College Park
Jonathan M. RosenbergUniversity of Maryland at College Park

A-Jin Publishing Co., Ltd., 2007

ISBN: 978-89-5761-233-1
Language: Korean