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digital signal processing, 2e

Digital Signal Processing: System Analysis and Design, 2e

Written for students and practicing engineers, this book aims to introduce readers to the tools for designing and analyzing digital signal processing systems. The authors explain why and how to use digital signal processing systems; how to approximate a desired function characteristic using polynomials; why an appropriate mapping of a transfer function onto a suitable structure is important for practical applications; and how to analyze, represent, and explore the tradeoff between time and frequency representation of signals. The revised second edition contains new material on random signal processing and spectral estimation, as well as expanded coverage of filter banks and wavelets.

At the end of the chapters, a section describes numerous functions from MATLAB, Signal Processing Toolbox, and Wavelet Toolbox and uses them in example problems. 

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About This Book

Paulo S. R. Diniz, Federal University of Rio de Janiero
Eduardo A. B. da Silva, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Sergio L. Netto, Ferderal University of Rio de Janeiro

Cambridge University Press, 2010

ISBN: 978-0-521-88775-5
Language: English