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Understanding Delta-Sigma Data Converters

Understanding Delta-Sigma Data Converters

Written for undergraduate and graduate students in telecommunications and electronics, Understanding Delta-Sigma Data Converters provides detailed explanations of topics ranging from basic analog/digital converter (ADC) concepts to actual circuit design methods. Readers can learn the latest technologies for digital audio, medical measurement hardware, and other application areas. Topics include first-order delta-sigma modulators, high-level design and simulation, delta-sigma DACs, and bandpass and quadrature delta-sigma modulation.

MATLAB is used to solve some examples in the text. In addition, a supplemental set of MATLAB code files is available for download. (Control System Toolbox and Signal Processing Toolbox are required.)

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About This Book

Richard Schreier, Analog Devices
Gabor C. Temes, Oregon State University

Wiley-IEEE Press, 2005

ISBN: 978-0-471-46585-0
Language: English