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Supported and Compatible Compilers – Release 2007b

Technical Note 1601

Choose your platform:

Windows (64-bit)

MATLAB® 7.5 and Related Products

Compiler Version MATLAB® 7.5 MATLAB®
Compiler 4.7
for .NET 2.2.1
for Java 2.0
Intel® C++ 1 9.1      
Intel® Visual Fortran 1, 3 9.1      
9.0 2      
Microsoft® .NET Framework SDK 4, 5 2.0      
Microsoft® Platform SDK 3 14.0  
Microsoft® Visual C++® 2005 SP1 6 8.0
Prof. Edition
Sun Java Development Kit (JDK) 1.5      

Simulink® 7.0 and Related Products

Compiler Version Simulink® 7.0
Simulink 7.0
(Model Reference)
Simulink 7.0
(Accelerator Mode)
Simulink 7.0
(Rapid Accelerator Mode)
Simulink 7.0
(Embedded MATLAB)
Stateflow® 7.0 Real-Time Workshop® 7.0 7
Intel® C++ 2 9.1            
Intel® Visual Fortran 1, 3 9.1 8            
9.0 2 8            
Microsoft® Platform SDK 3 14.0            
Microsoft® Visual C++ 2005 SP1 6 8.0
Prof. Edition

Notes for the Windows (64-bit) Platform

  1. Intel compilers depend on tools provided by Microsoft development products.  The following combinations are supported by MATLAB and Simulink related products:

    Intel Compilers
    on Microsoft Windows
    Visual Studio® 2005 SP1
    Professional Edition
    Platform SDK
    for Windows Server® 2003
    Compiler Version 8.0 14.0
    Intel C++ 9.1  
    Intel Visual Fortran 9.1  
  2. These compilers are being phased out and will not be supported in some future release.
  3. These compilers are not supported on Windows Vista.
  4. To build .NET components, Microsoft .NET Framework SDK 1.1 or 2.0 must be installed. These products are automatically installed by Visual Studio 2003 or 2005, respectively. They can also be downloaded from the Microsoft website:

    To execute applications that use the resulting .NET components, the target machine must have the matching .NET Framework installed.
  5. MATLAB Builder for .NET supports building .NET Assemblies but not COM objects when using the Microsoft .NET Framework SDK without Microsoft Visual Studio.
  6. To use Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 with MATLAB on 64-bit systems, "X64 Compilers and Tools" must be chosen during installation of Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.
  7. Includes Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder and Stateflow Coder compiler support.
  8. Fortran compilers are supported with Simulink® only for creating Simulink S-functions using the MATLAB® MEX command. The S-functions can be used with normal and accelerated simulations.