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Can I save a plot or figure to an M-File so that it can be loaded back into MATLAB?

Date Last Modified: 03 Apr 2009
Solution ID:   1-15KWU
Product:   MATLAB
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Can I save a plot or figure to an M-File so that it can be loaded back into MATLAB?

Problem Description:

Is it possible to save a plot or figure to an M-File so that it can be reloaded into MATLAB to allow further work to be done on the plot?


The recommended method of saving a plot to update in the future is to create an M-file that contains all of the commands that were used to create this plot. This is the only foolproof method for saving a figure that is to be brought back into MATLAB. M-files can also be passed between platforms since they are ascii-text files.

However, a "print" command device driver option was added to MATLAB version 4.2 that allows you to save and reload a figure. The command

print -dmfile [filename]

creates two files, filename.m and filename.mat. The M-file contains the necessary object creation and set commands to reproduce the figure. The generated MAT-file also contains the figure data. Handle values are not maintained. Also, when printing figures with multiple axes, especially on the PC, the resulting M-file may not be identical with the original.

If you are using a version of MATLAB earlier than 4.2c, there is a command in MATLAB called HARDCOPY. HARDCOPY is used by PRINT to create a postscript file. An undocumented feature of HARDCOPY is that it can also produce an M-file based on the current Figure. For example:


This will generate the plot(1:10) again.

Also, this is useful if you want to suppress the graphical output during an M-file; however, you still want the generate plots of the data so that you can display them later. Here is an example:

% Create an M-file and add the following:
rootname = 'tstplt'; % Root file name
for i = 1:10 % Create 10 plots/files
drawnow discard

This will create 10 files named tstplt1.m through tstplt10.m. To display the plots again, simply run the appropriate file.

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