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System Requirements - Release 2006a

Choose your Operating System


  Operating System Processors Disk Space RAM
32-bit MathWorks Products Windows XP
  • Service Pack 1 or 2
Windows 2000
  • Service Pack 3 or 4
Windows Server 2003
Pentium III
Pentium IV
Pentium Xeon
Pentium M
AMD Athlon
AMD Athlon MP
AMD Athlon XP
AMD Athlon 64
AMD Opteron
460MB (MATLAB only)* 512 MB
1024 MB (recommended)
64-bit MathWorks Products Windows XP x64 Intel EM64T processors

AMD64 processors
460MB (MATLAB only)* 512 MB
1024 MB (recommended)

* Disk space requirement varies depending on size of partition. The MATLAB installer will inform you of the hard disk space requirement for your particular partition. Installation size will be determined by the installer and can vary for NTFS and FAT formats.

See our Software Maintenance and Support Policy for non-certified operating environments.

Compilers (for MEX Files)


  • 16-, 24- or 32-bit OpenGL capable graphics adapter

Other Recommended Items

  • MS Windows supported graphics accelerator card
  • MS Windows supported printer
  • MS Windows supported sound card
  • MS Word 2000, MS Word 2002 or MS Word 2003 is required to run MATLAB Notebook
  • MS Excel 2000, MS Excel 2002 or MS Excel 2003 is required to run MATLAB Builder for Excel, Excel Link

Support for Products on Operating Systems No Longer Supported

If you are enrolled in Software Maintenance Service, MathWorks will respond to technical questions and provide workarounds when possible for a period of two years from the date when MathWorks ended support for an operating system. See the platform road map for more information.