System Requirements - Release 2008a

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Operating System Processors Disk Space RAM
64-bit MathWorks™ Products

Solaris™ 10*


510 MB
(MATLAB® only)

1024 MB

(2048 MB recommended)

* Running MATLAB R2008a on Solaris 10 requires that the OS have the current recommended patches. For information on which patches to install please refer to 1-431HK0.


  • 24-bit graphics display for Sun Solaris™

Compilers (for MEX Files)

License Management

  • Some license types require a license server running FLEXnet 11.4, which is provided by the MathWorks installer.
  • TCP/IP is required on all platforms when using a license server.

Platform/Version Availability

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Support for Products on Operating Systems No Longer Supported

If you are enrolled in Software Maintenance Service, MathWorks will respond to technical questions and provide workarounds when possible for a period of two years from the date when MathWorks ended support for an operating system. See the platform road map for more information.