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System Requirements - Release 2008b

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Operating System Processors Disk Space RAM
64-bit MathWorks Products

Solaris 10*


725 MB
(MATLAB only)

1024 MB

(2048 MB recommended)

* Running MATLAB on Solaris 10 requires that the OS have the current recommended patches. For information on which patches to install please refer to 1-431HK0.

R2009b will be the last release to support the Solaris SPARC platform. See the note below and the platform roadmap for information about support for products on operating systems no longer supported.


  • 24-bit graphics display for Sun Solaris

License Management

  • Some license types require a license server running FLEXnet 11.4, which is provided by the MathWorks installer.
  • TCP/IP is required on all platforms when using a license server.

Platform/Version Availability

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Support for Products on Operating Systems No Longer Supported

If you are enrolled in Software Maintenance Service, MathWorks will respond to technical questions and provide workarounds when possible for a period of two years from the date when MathWorks ended support for an operating system. See the platform road map for more information.