Test and Measurement

Acquire, analyze, and explore data and automate tests

The MATLAB® environment for analysis provides the tools you need to acquire data and automate tasks. Within MATLAB and Simulink® you can control and acquire data from plug-in data acquisition boards, test instruments, Web cameras and frame grabbers, as well as send and receive messages over CAN buses.

Once you acquire data, you can interactively explore it and perform live visualization and data analysis. You can then build test systems, verify designs and concepts, and automate repetitive tasks. You can also deploy test applications built in MATLAB onto other computers.

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Newport Corporation

Newport Corporation

"Because we use the Instrument Control Toolbox and Data Acquisition Toolbox, all the test data is in MATLAB, and I can obtain the results immediately. We used to spend days on just one test. With MATLAB, we can run the same test and analyze the results in a few hours."

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