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Access and Organize Data with MATLAB

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Graham Dudgeon, MathWorks

In this webinar we will use representative data sets and file formats from the Oil & Gas Industry and Electric Power Industry to show how MathWorks tools are used to:

  • Access data from multiple sources
    • Examples: SQL database connection, URL file reading and reading multiple files
  • Work with data too large to fit into system memory and text files
  • Write and test functions that read in industry specific text file formats
    • Examples: Log ASCII files (.LAS) and Power system formats (IEEE CDF and others)
  • Organize multiple data sets into single data containers using Data Tables
  • Visualize and interact with data
  • Automate the detection and classification of events
    • Threshold detection and stability classification

Product Focus

  • Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox
  • Database Toolbox

Recorded: 30 Oct 2013