An Introduction to Computer Vision with MATLAB

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Computer vision uses images and video to detect, classify, and track objects or events in order to understand a real-world scene. In this webinar, you will learn about new capabilities for computer vision with the MATLAB product family.  Through product demonstrations, you will see how to:

  • Detect, extract, and match features such as corners and SURF features
  • Perform automatic image registration with RANSAC to estimate the geometric transformation
  • Detect faces with the Viola-Jones algorithm
  • Track faces with the histogram-based CAMShift algorithm

This webinar assumes some experience with MATLAB and Image Processing Toolbox. We will focus on the Computer Vision System Toolbox.

To learn more about object detection and tracking, watch another webinar in this series titled: Computer Vision with MATLAB for Object Detection and Tracking.

About the Presenter: Bruce Tannenbaum works on image processing and computer vision applications in technical marketing at MathWorks. Earlier in his career, he developed computer vision and wavelet-based image compression algorithms at Sarnoff Corporation (SRI). He holds an MSEE degree from University of Michigan and a BSEE degree from Penn State.

Product Focus

  • Computer Vision System Toolbox

Recorded: 13 Mar 2012